Get to know us!

What is NEDGEX?

We are the Corporate Venturing Unit of the NETZSCH Group.

Our role is to drive innovation, enriching the Group’s portfolio with new business models and digital initiatives.

We leverage a diverse spectrum of strategies and tools to explore, accelerate, and invest in ventures within and beyond the NETZSCH ecosystem.

Our Values

Empower, innovate and create.


To us, empowering means equipping changemakers with the tools and insights they need to succeed. It’s vital because it transforms potential into action, fostering a new generation of industry leaders underpinned by NETZSCH’s expertise.


Innovation at NEDGEX is about pioneering the uncharted and redefining the status quo. It’s important because it propels the industry forward, creating new opportunities within the NETZSCH ecosystem and beyond.


To create is to bring new concepts to life. We value creation as it cultivates sustainable solutions and enduring businesses, leveraging NETZSCH’s heritage to build a future that continues to inspire and endure.

NEDGEX in Numbers

While our impact extends beyond mere metrics, here are a few figures that shed light on our journey and achievements.

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Find out where our main offices are around the world.

Hof / Selb

Our headquarters are in the Netzsch buildings in Selb, central to our operations. We also operate from Einstein1, Hof University’s business incubator, to engage with innovation.


Munich’s status as a startup hub inspired our decision to establish an office there, ensuring we’re embedded in the city’s dynamic ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Our presence spans across the vibrant cities of Florianópolis, Curitiba, and Pomerode, positioning us at the heart of the nation’s thriving startup ecosystem and local innovation and entrepreneurial talent.