Meet some of our B2B solutions


Meet some of our B2B solutions


LabV is a lab data management platform streamlining the integration of test device data into one location. It automates analysis and reporting, improving quality control and product development efficiency, and provides comprehensive data transparency for various sectors.


Veridis leverages MADSCAN technology to improve recycling processes by accurately determining the composition of plastic material streams. This innovation supports the circular economy by enabling precise analysis of recycled plastics for high-value applications.


SensXPERT empowers manufacturers with real-time insights into material behavior during production. Utilizing in-mold sensors and data analytics, it optimizes cure cycles and crystallization, reducing scrap and enhancing operational efficiency. This innovative solution fosters sustainable manufacturing practices by ensuring product quality and environmental excellence.


Helpair, now live as a product of NEDGEX’s internal incubation, is an AI-driven platform enhancing industrial service workflows. Designed by and for technicians, it improves efficiency, service quality, and knowledge sharing. A perfect fit for various technical service industries, Helpair streamlines support and troubleshooting.


Notify provides you with real-time data about your production plant via a modern and secure cloud solution. View the current status of all your machines from any device, without being physically near them. Know immediately when to act. 

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